Is a Senior Day Program the Right Choice For You or a Loved One?

Did you know that moving into a facility or care home is not the only option when seeking alternative care for a senior?  Situations are different and depending on the wants and needs of families, there may be other options. In fact, there may be reasons to consider a Senior Day Program as an alternative to the traditional route of uprooting and moving a loved one.

Some of the biggest factors people look for when choosing independent living environments include: enriching life activities, staying attuned to the passions and purpose of the residents, physical engagement, community interaction, a continued sense of independence—and for many families—the option of not entering a 24-7 assisted living situation. The last factor is where a Senior Day Program becomes such an important option. In fact, this option has helped many families in situations where the normal route is very unappealing or a senior family member is simply uninterested in uprooting permanently from their home to adopt a complete lifestyle change.   

The Senior Day Program – The Value of Staying With the Family

There can be a lot of apprehension for a senior and their family before choosing to enter any kind of alternative living situation, and there’s a number of reasons for this. For one thing, seniors and their family alike may be worried about their level of independence being affected. This is especially true if a senior requires certain levels of help or there are physical / mobility issues—but they are still very capable / mentally cognizant even at an advanced age. In these situations, a senior may be living at home with the rest of his or her family, but those family members feel guilty or scared to leave their loved one alone during the day—risking falls, injuries etc., with no one around to help. This is when a Senior Day Program may become the best option.

Interestingly, many people are not aware of the Senior Day Program option and it’s almost like a “best kept secret” providing the best of both worlds—where it’s possible to be part of an active senior center during the daytime and go back home in the evening. Through a Senior Day Program, a family member has access to a lively community with hands-on support by a staff of caregivers, including transportation to and from activities, with the freedom to go home in the evening.

For many people, this option also solves a lot of the reluctance that seniors may have for going into an alternative living situation. Independence is important for almost everyone and no one wants to feel like they have fewer choices about how they run their lives.  Senior Day Programs can therefore become more like an active part of a schedule than a permanent lifestyle change. And many studies have shown how important staying active (especially mentally) is as we age—including even in the prevention of serious diseases.

A good Senior Day Program should provide a vibrant, structured calendar to create activities and mental engagement designed to keep seniors happy and healthy. This is especially important so that there’s less reluctance about entering such a program. This way, it seems a much more natural part of a senior’s schedule, especially if your loved one has ordinarily led an active lifestyle in the past—making such a program seem a natural fit. By choosing this option, it’s possible to truly get the best benefits from a senior living situation without what could be drawbacks for some families. 

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