How Can I Find Joy During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Find Joy During COVID-19

Homes of Joy is determined to focus on the positive during these uncertain times. Although it may seem that there is a dark cloud over the world during the lockdown, we’re encouraging everyone to embrace a more upbeat perspective as we get through this together! We’ve compiled our favorite ways to uplift ourselves and uncover ways to find joy during COVID-19.

Phone Calls and Video Chat

While we may not be able to visit our elderly loved ones during this time, it’s important to remember that as isolated as we may be feeling, our senior community is feeling that tenfold. Now has never been a more valuable time to reach out to our loved ones and remain connected. We encourage everyone to take regular moments to call those who are separated from us and remind them that they are not alone or forgotten.

We are, by nature, social creatures who require interaction with others to decrease stress and anxiety. Luckily, we live in a time when technology is keeping up with those needs. Many tools exist to help you connect with loved ones who are far away. Schedule a call over Skype, WhatsApp, or Google Hangouts where every member of the family can video call into the conversation. This can be a meaningful way to express to those who may have forgotten that they’re not alone during this time.

Express Yourself Through Art

Getting in touch with your creative side has always been an excellent remedy for stress and anxiety. Being artistic allows for brief escapism into a whole new self-created world where you can hone your craft while unearthing emotional release. These activities can include anything from painting to pottery, woodworking to knitting. All types of art can act as forms of therapy by releasing dopamine and increasing our overall happiness.

At Homes of Joy, we recognize the endless benefits of flexing your creative muscles, which is why it’s such an integral part of our program. During this quarantine period, we recommend finding your own creative outlet that will take you on a journey of self-discovery, emotional liberation, and help you find joy during COVID-19.

Practice Meditation

During this lockdown, many people are feeling overwhelmed with mixed emotions, struggling to regain control of their daily routines. We prioritize discovering effective strategies to help reduce stress and promote happiness for our members and their caregivers.

Use this time to slow down, take a deep breath, and meditate for a few moments out of the day. You may see a positive impact on your mood. Meditation requires training your brain to redirect your thoughts and concentration. This can be an effective strategy for reclaiming control over your life when it otherwise seems less manageable. Meditation can be used as a strategy to reduce stress and remind yourself of all the things you have control over. Transforming this into a habit can also reduce anxiety and promote overall emotional health.

Remember, we are all in this battle with COVID-19 together. Use these tips to achieve your happiness goals and improve your quality of life. Keep in contact with loved ones through video chatting, show off your creative side through art, and take the time to unwind with mediation. These are all simple things everyone can do to take the initiative and increase joy in their lives.

As the danger of coronavirus passes, Homes of Joy is here to assist with getting your elderly loved ones back out and enjoying the activities they love with our Senior Day Program. Contact us today to learn more about our program and updates on our reopening.

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